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Summer Camp

New this summer, this one's for the creatives, dreamers, and bookworms :)

Our summer camps ended on Aug 5, 2022

Want to get right to signing up? Click here!

A little dash of magic
Legos, books, games, it's all here

Maybe you had that one spot with a book you just couldn’t put down (Charlotte’s web anyone?)


Or it was a box of legos, a canvas you enchanted with a darling masterpiece, or a blanket fort inhabited by a lovely princess.


Whatever it was for you, you were always stoking your imagination, learning something new, acting out an adventure, checking out your surroundings. 

I have to say, all that is so much easier without someone always trying to tell me what to do. “Sit down” “Read silently” 

That’s not to say that there is no plan, but certainly the plan is to benefit the campers, not the teachers, right? 

Let loose, be free!
Live a little!

Juniper Club is about experiencing life. We’re not here to control the journey, we want to facilitate and guide. This week we’re looking at and reading about bugs. Next week it’s about space. 

We’ll do some serious physical action too- jump rope, red rover, try out a pogo stick. Anything but another boring tag variation, and, when it gets too hot, we’ll definitely be taking a sprint through the sprinkler. 

Here Are A Few More Details

Some things you want to know:


June 6 - August 4

Closed July 4 - 8

Monday - Thursday

9am - 4pm 


June 6 | Bugs

June 13 | Camping

June 20 | Frogs

June 27 | Patriotic

July 11 | Space

July 18 | Superheroes

July 25 | Ocean

August 1 | Dinosaurs


Enrollment open to all Durango and surrounding area families.

*Ages 5 - 10 years old

*20 camper spots available daily


Whole Summer $1,280 

Weekly $170 

A-la-carte $45 per day

Payment plans available

Juniper Club is All About Fun!

You don't want to miss the smiles and stories from your kiddo, and they won't be able to wait to tell you about their day! 

We'll be learning everything we can, and we won't stop playing the whole time. That's how it's meant to be. 

If you would like to read the Nifty Nanny Juniper Club Handbook (you would), click here
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