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After School Care

End the day with an extra dose of fun!

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Bounce off the walls
Getting off school should be fun!

School is out! You want to go swing, play tag and laugh with your friends!

Instead, you have to wait.

Wait for mom or dad to get here, get in the car, and go home. They still need to finish working. 

I've been in a classroom for hours, how can they expect me to keep all this motion on the inside?!

A Second Recess
This isn't school, it's what you wish you could do there

Don't wait. Get out of class and go directly to the best time a kid could have. You didn't want to learn about dinosaurs, you wanted to draw one, and astronauts? It's time to be one, not read about them. 

When it's time to get picked up, your parents are present and ready to hear about your day. They probably got that bike ride in so they're not going crazy either ;)

What Do We Get Up To?

This is nothing like waiting for the bus!


3:20-3:40 Snack & Activity

3:40-4:30 Recess!

4:30-4:45 Snack & Read Aloud

4:45-5:20 Free Choice

5:20-5:30 Clean up & Head outside for pick up


August - May

Monday - Friday

3:20 - 5:30

*No refunds for sick/absent school days.

*Transfer requests are approved with 48 hours notice.


We are now providing snacks! One less thing for you to worry about.

We will make sure that all allergies are accounted for so you never have to worry about peanut butter sandwiches again!


Enrollment is exclusive for Juniper Families.

All enrollment is completed online.

 The State of Colorado, Office of Early Childhood, mandates strict student records for ALL child care programs. It is the parents responsibility to ensure Family profiles are current and up to date.

Pricing and Plans

Make your day as simple as possible.


Last minute care? 

You bet!

We'll take in your child, feed them and give them a fun place to hang until you arrive.

$20.00 per day

The Monthly

Pay up front for a lower rate, and send your child whenever you want to.





The School Year

Cover the whole school year with a one time payment. 

Same convenience, less budgeting to do.



No processing fees!

Sibling discount available.

TJS Staff receive 20% off enrollment.

Ready to Sign Up?

We're thrilled to have you!

If you would like to read the Nifty Nanny Juniper Club Handbook (you would), click here

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